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Social Media Creation
Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, Instagram account
Professional design for every account
Website integration
Delivery time: 3 business days
Price: $45 or N10,000 Naira

How to place an order:
Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after a successful payment. 234-8064950565...


Social Media Creation
Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, Instagram account
Professional design for every account
Website integration
Delivery time: 3 business days
Price: $45 or N10,000 Naira

How to place an order:
Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after a successful payment. 234-8064950565 Send An SMS we will Call you Back !
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Social media is one of the most crucial sources of quality relevant webstore traffic.

If you want your social media accounts to look professionally, that’s just the perfect offer for you.

We create the necessary accounts, make a suitable design, and integrate them with your website in order to increase the level of potential customers’ trust towards your store.

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Tweeterest Digital 
Web Design and Ecommerce to take your business to the next level.
Responsive Sites
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A website than can be viewed easily on a mobile device is a necessity as increasing web traffic is now coming from hand held devices

Professional Designs
We make you look good online


Tweeterest Digital 
Web Design and Ecommerce to take your business to the next level.
Responsive Sites
Mobile Friendly
A website than can be viewed easily on a mobile device is a necessity as increasing web traffic is now coming from hand held devices

Professional Designs
We make you look good online
A well designed website will set you up for success online. Tweeterest Digital design the best websites for your business and organization giving you a strong presence online.

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Published: Dec 2017
Author’s Note............................................................................3
A Recap......................................................................................4
Making the Change..................................................................5

Published: Dec 2017
Author’s Note............................................................................3
A Recap......................................................................................4
Making the Change..................................................................5
Post-Deploy Tooling.................................................................9
Key Attributes................................................................9
The Role of Automation.............................................10
Final Thoughts........................................................................12
Real World Examples..................................................13
We’re not here to introduce you to Continuous Delivery or
explain its benefits - much has been written on the topic, and
you already know all that.
We are writing about the culture, architecture, and tooling
required to successfully transition toward Continuous Delivery.
Of particular interest is post-deploy tooling - a topic that has
not been discussed nearly enough.
Our views are colored by our own experience and the
experience of our customers, which include CI/CD software
vendors such as CircleCI, Codeship, and Puppet and leading
companies such as Salesforce, Twilio, Instacart and more.
systemini on Continuous Delivery 3
Continuous Delivery at its core is about getting useful software
from development to users quickly.
Why is speed important?
Because the faster you get your software out there, the faster
your users benefit from the improvements made.
You also get feedback quickly, helping your team be agile
in responding to the needs of your users.
When you develop software at a high speed, the chances of
your business or organization gaining a first-mover advantage,
keeping competitors at bay, winning new customers,
or satisfying existing ones go up significantly.
Done right, Continuous Delivery turns your software development
cycle from single lines to many circles:
From this…
… to this:
Figure 1: Software development cycles before and after adopting CD
systemini on Continuous Delivery 4
Clearly, to go from deploying software say, once a quarter,
to doing production deploys dozens of times per day is a
big change. The question one should be asking is,
Notice we use the word “useful” when describing Continuous
Delivery. Usefulness implies a level of quality that’s required
so you can get meaningful feedback.
So, the answer to the above question must address how to
not just optimize for speed, but also ensure quality at the
same time.
In our view, the answer involves three parts: culture, architecture,
and tooling.
The kind of culture we’re talking about is one where Dev and
Ops teams are sharing the responsibility and success of a
software release - hence the term “DevOps”.
In the past, the two teams work relatively independently. Dev
would write the software, and when they’re done, they pass it
along to Ops for deployment. To say this act of “throwing the
code over the wall” hasn’t worked well is an understatement.
“In making this change, how do I lower risk?”
systemini on Continuous Delivery 5
A lot about enabling a DevOps culture has been covered
elsewhere, so we’re not going to repeat them here. What’s
worth remembering is the right cultural incentives can go a
long way toward ensuring your team is successful in making
the change.
Naturally, the less available time there is between each deploy,
the less code gets written.
It doesn’t imply the code is of lower quality or incomplete
functionality-wise - in fact it should be the opposite because
the code still needs to be useful - but it does mean your software
is now deployed in smaller increments.
In terms of reducing risks, this is a good thing because the
smaller the increment, the more manageable it becomes if
and when issues arise.
With microservices architectures, your application is comprised
of very small chunks already, so in that sense adopting
microservices architecture directly helps your team reduce
the risk associated with frequent deploys.
If you apply the ideas in twelve-factor apps when architecting
your software, such as making the development and production
environments as similar as possible, the transition to this
new way of delivering software is also made easier.
Most of us are familiar with, or have already invested in, new
tools to get us moving from code to deploy faster.
systemini on Continuous Delivery 6
Examples of such tools include Jenkins, Terraform, Sauce
Labs, Chef, Puppet, CircleCI, Codeship, and more.
Generally speaking, these tools are designed to enable an
automated deployment pipeline, where any changes - new
features or bug fixes alike - can propagate through all the
intermediate build, test, and integrate steps instantly.
Little has been said, however, about the importance of tooling
post deploy to complete the feedback loop we want to build.
We know that despite all the right intentions and efforts,
errors can still somehow creep into the software. The code
itself can be buggy, the configurations poorly managed,
third-party services experiencing downtime, and so on - but
inevitably as a result, issues occur in production.
When you deploy to production so frequently as you would
in this case, what you need is fast reaction times, so you can
quickly write and deploy fixes and ensure sufficient quality
in the software.
Test Release
Figure 2: Continuous Delivery loop with unmapped post deploy stages
systemini on Continuous Delivery 7
To enable such fast reaction times, post-deploy tools must
meet the following requirements:
• Monitor: Any and all issues affecting production
application shall be monitored, and new issues shall
be detected immediately – ideally before any user
notices it or report it to your Support team
• Triage: When an issue occurs, the person or team
doing the monitoring shall be alerted instantly so they
can triage the issue accordingly
• Analyze: The person assigned to investigate the issue
shall be given sufficient context and detailed data so
they can analyze and debug the issue quickly
• Workflow: Because post-deploy monitoring, triaging,
and resolving issues is a shared responsibility of Dev
and Ops, the tools shall allow the teams to have a
shared visibility and understanding of the issues
Code /
Test Release
Analyze Triage
Figure 3: Continuous Delivery loop with post deploy stages mapped
systemini on Continuous Delivery 8
As is often said, the tools you choose should reinforce the
behaviors you want to see.
The difference between using a tool that only either Dev or
Ops can understand or are naturally familiar with, vs. one that
works well for both, can be significant. The latter can go a long
way in fostering the DevOps culture critical to your success.
We believe a post-deploy tool for enabling fast reaction times
needs to be application-centric, error-centric, and resolutioncentric
by design:
Application-centric means the tool is primarily focused on
the application itself, not the infrastructure hosting the app.
Your tool should help ensure the software is useful, not just
check if it is up or slow. In other words, an APM tool alone is
not sufficient. For a software to be useful, it must be functional
and reliable, so having a tool that’s purpose-built for dealing
with application errors is a must.
Error-centric means the data the tool collects should be
presented in format that is useful to developers, who are
responsible for debugging the errors. For example, an error
systemini on Continuous Delivery 9
rate graph showing more errors are recorded than usual isn’t
as useful to them compared to a live feed of specific errors
happening in real-time post deploy.
Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the tool needs to be
resolution-centric. What’s the point of monitoring for issues
and triaging them, if your developers can’t resolve them
fast enough? Having fast reaction times means the time-toresolution
needs to be in minutes - not hours, days, or weeks.
If that sounds ambitious, consider that today’s modern deployment
tools allow you to roll back a deployment in minutes
with just a few commands.
The only way you can achieve time-to-resolution in minutes
is if an important signal like a critical error can be discovered
easily despite the noise, and if all the information a developer
needs to debug the error is available right then and there.
This is where automation comes in.
If you look more closely at aforementioned tools designed for
getting to the deploy stage faster, they all share a common
focus on enabling automation.
systemini on Continuous Delivery 10
“Why shouldn’t you expect to be able to
resolve errors as quickly as doing a rollback?”
Applying the concept of automation to post deploy stages is
arguably a lot more challenging, however. You are still going
to have the fix the bugs yourself. No software is going to do
that for you (yet).
Having said that, some level of automation is still valuable
to help you:
1. Manage the monitored data to increase signal-to-noise ratio
2. Collect all relevant data to expedite the debugging process
Noise Reduction
One of the biggest problems when it comes to monitoring is
the large amount of noise. Often, for fear of missing important
signals, we set up alerts for everything. Eventually as a result,
those on the receiving end would begin to ignore the alerts.
When it comes to errors, a lot of noise we typically see has
to do with not knowing whether “this error is the same as or
related to that error”.
If the tool we use is intelligent enough to tell that certain errors
that occur on different browsers are all the same error,
for example, and group them automatically, the noise has
just been reduced.
Automation can also be applied to your triaging workflow to
ensure important signals get sent to the right person or team
with the appropriate level of priority.
For example, you may want to specify that certain errors require
immediate reactions by your on-call developers, while others
get automatically logged as tickets in your issue tracking tool
for later resolution.
systemini on Continuous Delivery 11
Data Collection
For a developer dealing with an error, the data collection
effort is a necessary but time-consuming activity. Relative to
writing code to fix the error, the activity is of lower value and
should be automated.
All kinds of data can be useful for identifying the root cause
of an error, and they should be automatically collected and
made easily digestible by the tool you use.
Examples of data to collect include details of an error such as
the stack trace, parameters, local variable values, and telemetry
events showing you everything that happened leading
up to the error.
Equally useful are contextual data such as how often the error
has occurred and when, which browsers, OSes, IP addresses,
and users are affected, which deploys are associated with
the error, whether a similar error has been resolved before,
and even whether a solution is already found and published
As post-deploy tools mature as a category, you can expect
to see them become just as sophisticated and automated as
tools that exist today for pre-deploy stages.
These tools like systemini are invaluable in helping you practice
low-risk Continuous Delivery.
A common and perhaps best practice among our customers
when initially adopting Continuous Delivery is to start with
systemini on Continuous Delivery 12
newer apps or greenfield projects. This way, you don’t have
to contend with a monolithic legacy code base that could be
quite noisy to monitor.
Having said that, tools like systemini are very useful in detecting
issues in your existing apps before your users report or even
notice them, and fixing them fast.
It makes little sense that many of us still rely on users to find
bugs in our software - and logs to fix them - when a tool built
for such purpose is available.
Real World Examples
Instacart, a leading consumer delivery company with over
1000 employees, does around 30 production deploys per day.
To enable such cadence, they use systemini for error resolution,
dramatically reducing time-to-resolution down to minutes
(see case study).
Many other customers including Salesforce, Twilio, and CircleCI
(see case study) use our product the same way, so we know
using systemini is a battle-tested way to help drive Continuous
Delivery adoption and successfully extract value from it.
“One of the things I talk about with our customers is
that continuous deployment, though it scares a lot
of people, is actually a mechanism for reducing risk,
because the change that you deploy is very, very small.
But the key to that working is great instrumentation.
You can’t just blindly throw things into production, and
assume that everything is great. You really need to feel
confident that you understand what’s happening.
Without systemini giving us visibility into
exceptions in production, we just wouldn’t be
confident and we’d ship more slowly.”
Rob Zuber
CircleCI CTO
systemini on Continuous Delivery 13
The Real Value of systemini
systemini is a visibility and remediation tool in one. Dev teams
are familiar with it. Ops can perform triage with it. It meets
all the requirements for a post-deploy tool that enables fast
reaction times.
But what systemini really does for you is to act as a kind of “safety
net” that reduces and mitigates risks from frequent deploys.
It gives you the confidence to deploy often, and helps you
design out risk as you begin making the big change toward
a faster way of developing software.
Talk to us if you want more tips on using systemini to accelerate
the transition to Continuous Delivery in your organization, or
if you are interested in learning more about the product.
We also offer a fully featured free trial for 14 days.
The best way to start is to go to and sign up for
a trial or schedule a demo.
Should you have any questions or feedback, please contact
our team at

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Learn below how to grow your Instagram

Throughout 2017 Instagram changed A LOT. Instagram in 2018 is far more tricky if you want to...

Learn below how to grow your Instagram

Throughout 2017 Instagram changed A LOT. Instagram in 2018 is far more tricky if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your following. Remember following is one thing, but keeping your engagement up is another battle influencers tackle.

A good rule of thumb is to aim to have your engagement around 5%, this will show brands that your following is active. We have noticed that some users head down the route of cheating this and buying fake instagram likes. We would suggest not to do this. There are some great tools out there using AI technology to help grow your Instagram Engagement (likes, views, followers & comments).

We have researched the providers out there helping users fight the algorithm update Instagram released, which made it harder for users to grow their fanbase.

Here are our findings on how to get Instagram followers, and engagement in 2018.

Use a trusted provider who is going to take care of your account. Below are reviews of the top providers on services to help grow your Instagram account with real Instagram followers.

1). – Get Reliable Instagram Likes

Likesocial is a highly reputable service to help boost your Instagram engagement, they don’t just send you one time likes. They provide a weekly subscription, and work hard to boost your post on every upload you make. They use the smart technology; Engagement Boost TM. This engagement boost pushes your uploads to the explore page which helps you achieve a lot more organic engagement. This will attract more likes, views, comments & followers to your profile. They claim this is the best as it helps grow a genuine Instagram following. It is highly recommend to stay away from fake Instagram followers, real Instagram followers will help you build a following for long term!

Likesocial Pricing

Likesocial have very affordable pricing options and different tiers for how serious you want to take your Instagram growth. This is why it works for everyone. You can view their pricing here:

Our Conclusion

Our experience using likesocial was very positive, we believe you are in safe hands when letting likesocial grow your instagram following & engagement with real targeted Instagram followers.

Why is it important to grow your following?

Some people might wonder what is the point of having a large Instagram following. Well there are many reasons! You can monetize your followers in many ways! Firstly if you have a large, active engaging audience you will not have any problems getting brand deals. You could be niche focused and provide a service to your followers. For example, you may have noticed fitness influencers tend to often offer nutrition, and workout plans! This is a great way to potentially earn a living from your followers!

Instagram Likes - Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

How to get Instagram followers

We know it's daunting, and if you’re just starting out, you might not have many followers. You may compare yourself to others who have hundreds of thousands or even millions of Instagram followers.

We would suggest being different, its very competitive now so being unique is really going to help you stand out. Content is KING. Focusing on your content rather than your follower count will mean followers will come naturally, we suggest planning your uploads with a tool like This tool allows you to schedule your uploads ahead of time. Planmypost can be very useful as consistently posting is important to engage potential followers.

Secondly, we advise to use a program such as or to help organically grow your Instagram followers & engagement, while you focus on your content and uploading attention grabbing pictures & videos.

Insights & How to:

Social Media Icons like Gary Vaynerchuk & Justin Beiber are doubling down on Instagram but posting more stories and not only images. Utilising all the features of Instagram are important. Keeping your posting for your highlights, and your stories can be more frequent, to keep your followers engaged if they feel like viewing your content further.

Selecting hashtags:

What hashtags you use on your photos is very important! We recommend using our own free hashtag tool we created, you can easily select and copy hashtags based on category by going here: Using the right hashtags will engage those interested in the nature of the post - Leading to more followers!

2). – Real Targeted Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers - Blog and useful tips for services

This service stands out from all of the other providers. Socialsteeze use account managers to optimise after your account. Using account managers takes out the guesswork for busy consumers and, because they are experts can help grow your account more efficiently. Other providers give you a dashboard to set up optimisations yourself. This can be confusing and take up time and effort which is not ideal. Social Steeze onboard your account, ask you questions to ensure they help your account grow with targeted instagram followers relevant to your interest.

How do they get real Instagram followers?

They use AI interest targeting technology, to target and engage with others based on your interest, this worked really well with our test, we were growing between 200 – 450 real Instagram followers per week, we also noticed our engagements like Instagram likes & viewsgrew too!

They have a wide range of advanced targeting features, which you can read here:

You can use Social Steeze for as low as $15 per week. We found this was very affordable for the return we got in engagement, it is cheaper than other providers on the market and the results hold a high quality. They have a regular speed & pro speed for those users who really want to grow fast.

Below is a list of services in order of recommendation we tested:

  • Rating:
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★☆


Below we are going to cover the important fundementals of running a successful Instagram Account, to help you get more Instagram Followers.

1). Instagram Content, that is right for your target audience

2). Content that will make your followers engage with your uploads

3). Communicate with your community

4). Having a good Instagram bio

5). How often you should post

6). Leveraging your Fan base to grow

7). Using relevant hashtags to grow your exposure

8). Collaborating with other Influencers

9). Using Real Instagram Growth Tools

10). The best Instagram Tools (Free & Paid)

Fundamental essentials to running a successful Instagram Account

Learn How to Get More Followers on Instagram

1). Instagram content, that is right for your target audience

Content is king, it’s important to follow a posting pattern, this is one of the most fundamental important things to get right before even getting into anything else. You need to base your strategy around your content, this will help you get more followers on Instagram, and have high engaging content.

Instagram has been evolving very fast during recent times, and heavily in 2017 & now in 2018. It’s important to keep up with what is working, and test your popular uploads.

Get Followers On Instagram: Instagram content that is right for your audience.

You really need to give it some in depth thought on your content, because this is the way your followers are going to remember you. This is crucial to growing a large following of Real Instagram Followers, it needs represent you, but a way people will talk about you too. Find the right style and approach for yourself.

There are many different posting styles that work well with a lot of niches. Image uploads are a safe to begin with, you can introduce video’s later as you get more confident with your posting. Also try include, inspirational, food photography, scenic & humours uploads

You have to remember this is Instagram! It’s not Facebook or Twitter This platform is unique for its posting style, so posts that are popular on Facebook, Twitter might now be popular on Instagram. Remember the experience Instagram offers.

Things to remember: What hashtags will represent your content best? How will people find you? If someone searches a particular hashtag, will that hashtag represent you? Make sure your hashtags are relevant, so the user experience coming to your page is a hit! The chance of them then following you will be higher.

If someone saw your upload, would they just scroll past it, or will they stop to look & read it? That is called engaging content, and this is important. Creating content that people will stop, read and want to drop a comment is crucial to helping your uploads get a wider exposure increase. This will help you attract more Instagram followers, and grow your account.

It’s important once you find yourself and your content strategy that fits you best, that you stick with it. Consistency is king, so keeping up your image and posting to the same style will help you be remembered. This is how you will get Instagram followers.

Hashtagsforlikes has been such a successful blog, and have over 1B hashtags on Instagram, this is because we have been consistent from day one, this has helped us attract real Instagram followers & our quality output is only high. We uphold a reputation of trust. We research to save you time.

This is why we are very careful on the type of services we promote, we carefully test solutions available to help you thrive on Instagram, as there are many bad services avalibale, its important to not waste your money and use a trusted provider. Read our article here on the Best Instagram Bots

A big problem people have on Instagram when they first start out. Is that they jump into it, not knowing what they should post, and are very inconsistent. To be really successful on Instagram you need to have a plan from day 1, this will give you a big head start. Don’t be a copycat, there are far to many, and you will struggle to maintain this.

A good way to get started is by using relevant hashtags on your uploads, we have created almost every category you can think of, you can view hashtag categories here: from most popular, to music hashtags. We use all the trending hashtags to make sure you are relevant. This will help you get Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes & Views.

Split testing your content, one week on one week off, you can measure your performance to see what is working best, this will help you find yourself in the early stages of growing your Instagram, and its best to do this before you have a larger following.

Other helpful tools to grow your Instagram



We hoped this has helped you kick start & boost your Instagram followers on how to get instagram followers in 2018! This is the year of technology, a lot of things will change, and it will become harder to grow your Instagram followers, so using all the available tools, techniques on the market now to kick started & boost your growth will help you get ahead to Instagram fame.

Conclusion on how to get Instagram followers:

1). Focus on your content

Focus on creating unique content & free value to your following, keep it consistent, and engaging.

2). Utilize help tools and automation growth services to boost your Instagram exposure!

Use automation tools like to help your content be seen by more, tools like socialsteeze & likesocial will really help grow your instagram followers on autopilot while you focus on creating good quality uploads.

3). Use hashtags on your uploads & targeting

Research hashtags, and make them relevant to your uploads. has created categories to help you choose hashtags

Monetize your following with value when you have successfully built a large following.

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