5 ways to make a brilliant first impression

What kind of impression do you make?
Do people remember you, and want to connect with you?
http://edobook.com.ng Social Dating and NEws Website   


Objective An International Real Estate Website with the Ability to Add Property and Property Images and Descriptions .An Online/offline Digital Marketing Campaign to Target The World especially Nigeria using Social Media Facebook Google and Instagram to generate Leads and Sales .   Samples My Company has done    http://hotelzzz.club  A Real Estate and Hotel Management Website    http://property.tweeterest.com  A Property Website for Agencys   Pricing is in 3 Batches for the Website Design    Basic  65,000Naira  Yearly Maintenance 25,000 Naira First Month Free Medium 105,000Naira  Yearly Maintenance  50,000 Naira First 3months Free Professional 150,000Naira and 'Above  Yearly Maintenance 80,000Naira  First 6months Free      Other  features   1.Image gallery for property  2.Agency and Buyers login and registration .Facebook Login inclusive  3. Posting of Properties details images etc  and Pricing of Properties can be done by the Agency as the Properties come up for sale 4.REntal properties also included    Total Details of property can be viewed    Advertising    Budget Based  What is your Budget ? Who are you Targeting  Africans Nigerians or Everybody      Facebook Advertising - based on budget    an Advertising budget of 300dollars is recommended for the first two  to 4 weeks  so that your brand is established on Facebook Google Search Engines and The Internet so Your Reputation is  Authenticated for Prosepctive Buyers       Newsletter template and email Marketing lists with over 20,000 (Package 2) -100,000 (Package 3)  Nigerian & International Email Addresses & targeting Relevant Keywords for the Toy Industry World wide  This includes tools and applications used for Digital marketing Lists  3. 1gb Hosting Service  4.Full Backup & Security    International  Payments from Paypal  Bank Deposit & Cash on Delivery            Best Regards     Abi john Balogun    CEO Tweeterest Digital www.tweeterest.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakbb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addybb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e = 'info' + '@'; addybb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e = addybb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e + 'tweeterest' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_textbb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e = 'info' + '@' + 'tweeterest' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakbb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e').innerHTML += ''+addy_textbb150154a6d06c769443eb587419dc7e+'';   even more features   Versatility   Adapt to almost any Real estate systems, supporting many kind of users, from Real Estate companies to the Agents, Owners, Sellers, Builder, Realtor etc.   responsive for mobile phone display see samples above  Responsive   Responsive feature provides an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling-across a wide range of devices.   Search Tool     Tweeterest Property  provides two Search methods, Locator and Advanced search, those methods allow visitors to make overall searches of your properties. User can search by locations, property types, categories, extra fields and price.   Custom Locations Custom Locations   Using the most popular location structure: Countries - States/ Provinces - Cities, supports over 60 countries location data, Unlimited locations can be added which is used to denote the advertiser's locality.     Many extra fields can be added to a property type that collects detailed information about a product. This feature helps your user when they filter ads in Jom Classifieds Search module.   Bulk Import/ Export     Ability to import/ export properties into/ from Tweeterest Property  system with CSV and XML format. These features allow you to integrate data of Tweeterest Property  with other systems.   SEF Compatible   SEF is a user friendly URL, that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage. It can help visitors remember the Web address and page to search engines.   Sell/Rent/Lease   The users of this script can sell/rent/lease their villas, properties, lands, apartments etc. and the buyers can choose the right one according to their desire. Quick Analysis   The script offers integrated home affordability calculator, mortgage calculator and rent/buy calculator for quick estimates/analysis on various properties listed. Unlimited Listing/Users/Agents   With no limits on the numbers of listing/users/agents, the sellers can list any number of listing to their account. A Platform Developed on Direct or Agent Based Business   The buyers/sellers have the option to buy/sell their properties directly or either through an agent. Revenue Sources   Revenue generation is possible from multiple methods which includes revenue from ads, premium agents payments, featured listing payments, listing extension payments etc. These revenue generation methods will bring a consistent revenue to the business owner. Dashboard   All the relevant information you need to know at a single glance are arranged in the dashboard. Responsive Design   No separate mobile app is required to browse in mobile devices. A mobile browser is enough for you to browse from any mobile phone including android, iphone and windows. Listings Records   All the track records of each user listings can be tracked with the help of its integrated statistics. It gives the records of all the total number of search views and detail page views along with the number of enquiries received. Secure & Efficient   The script is designed to meet all the needs of a property business. Sellers can easily showcase their listings and buyers can effortlessly search their dream properties. Social Media Links   Social media links are shown at the footer of every page to share it with social media sites as part of the promotion. Multi Language Support   The script supports multi language. All the entire public page contents can managed from the admin side to your desired language, other than right to left writing languages. Payment Options   The script comes with the most popular payment gateways such as PayPal and 2CheckOut. In addition to this a bank payment option is also available. Wishlist for Users   Users have the option to add their interested listings to their wishlist. These added listings can be viewed from the wishlist option whenever they want. Map Based Search   This website comes with the advanced map based search that helps the users to search their desired property very easily.     Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More   REAL ESTATE FEATURES   Advanced, Locator and MLS Search tools Unlimited data Standard and Featured properties Fully ACL supported New property inform Walked Score map, Education Real Estate Properties neighborhoods Google API (Map, Adsense) integration Multiple Currencies RSS support (also KML Google Earth) Pdf export & Print layout of property details Storing search information for future visit Favorites list Compare properties User contact Properties sharing Rating & Review DPE chart All picture types supported Image optimization & performance Youtube embeded code and Panorama picture supported INTEGRATION Newsletter to members  Membership Calendar (Availability Calendar) Language Translation  XMap Comments & Reviews  DATA MANAGEMENT Easy to manage data Powerful Configuration Bulk CSV/XML import and export Content translation ability COMPANIES Ability to manage agents (add/edit) Ability to manage properties (add/edit) Upgrade properties to Featured REAL ESTATE USERS Multiple Real Estate User types Ability to post and manage properties Upgrade properties to Featured LOCATION Multiple locations Easy to Manage & Import location Over 60 location data supported LAYOUT List properties by different parameters Company/ Agent registration Company/ Agent edit profile Compare properties Locator search Advanced search Add/ Edit properties MLS Search Integration Property details SEO & SECURITY Full of Meta description for Properties Custom page title & page heading SEF URLs & SEO support Social share products Facebook and Twitter auto Posting Microdata Rich Snippets Tags system Stopforumspam.com integration Invalid items reporting PAYMENT Payment when adding new property Payment when extending live time Payment when upgrading properties Multiple payment gateways supported DESIGN FEATURES Responsive layouts, Mobile Ready Layout overrides jQuery, Ajax and Bootstrap Compatible with any Joomla templates 6 themes supported MODULES Slideshow Advanced search Random Properties Mortgate Loan Calculator Categories listing Add new comment

8 Books Every CEO must READ and REREAD !

To Become a CEO you have to think Like a Chief Exection Officer .. A CEO understands Executions that Taper on Beheadings .Not trying to be morbid but to become a Chief Executive Officer you have to come to grips with Your Company as a Human Being . IT can Die and that death begins with you  The Head ! .Taking a my head on the block approach especially in these Trying times is essential . These Books will drive that point home about just how tough being a CEO can be and just how easy at the same time .
Traditional methods of marketing often revolve around the idea of interruption – whether it is a television advertisement that cuts into a TV show, or an internet pop-up that interferes with a website. According to Godin, such methods (often referred to as “interruption marketing”), have become less effective in the modern world, where consumers are overloaded with information.[2]
Interruption marketing is essentially a competition to win people’s attention[citation needed].