Summer Camp Yanked My Girls From Me!

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Children playing in park with no care in the world.

Child rearing is a scam! or so it seemed this morning as I dropped off my almost 6 and just-turned 8 year-old for their first day at a beloved Summer camp. Imagine my surprise when I saw how quickly they deserted me. My usually loving, attentive, adoring children walked off hand-in-hand with their friends and didn’t even look back at me. Not even once! until I drove off the parking lot while holding back tears.

No, seriously I am NOT being dramatic by using the word ‘deserted’ and you can judge this by yourself. Here’s what happened…

1st – they parachuted right out of the car to friends who were screaming their names like you’d see reporters do on red carpets when photographers attempt to get their attention.

2nd – despite attempts to kiss & hug and do ‘see you laters’, I could no longer hold their attention. By the time I had said my goodbyes to camp staff, I could only see the back of my children’s heads as they walked off with their pals hand-in-hand. Neither of the girls looked my way.

Its like I had suddenly become invisible.

Are my helicopter mom days over? is that what this is? Because it hurts.

On why I made that scam comment..

You love them like crazy, spend all of your waking time teaching them how to navigate everything and the moment their friends show, they just go ahead and act like you’re not even there? Does Helicopter parenting always have a end date?

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