200K-Member Community Rises, Puts final Nail in Franklin Awodiya’s Hijack Plan

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Following recent events with the facebook food community which caters to lovers of primarily Nigerian and African food, So you think you can cook, the original group administrators are back in charge and once more, the group has normalized its operations.

Read the newly-released official statement. It explains the extent of the in-fighting which eventually infamously led to Franklin Awodiya revoking the rights of the group creator and admins and taking over the group’s operation.

Dear SYTYCC Members,

Sometime in 2008 or thereabouts, Mrs Bola Coker created So You Think You Can Cook, hereafter referred to as SYTYCC. I cannot recall when I joined but I was a regular member for a while.

Mrs Coker then put out a call for more Admins and I volunteered myself for the role.
Late in 2014, Mrs Coker decided to hand over group control to me and left the group. We then had a team of 9 Admin members including myself and we subsequently added 2 more Admin members to get a team of 11 Admin members.

Early on Friday the 17th of July, we had a chat about whether we should be involved in the planning of meetings that some of the SYTYCC members had indicated they wanted to have.

This then digressed into a chat about monetisation of the group and this move was instigated by Mr Franklin Awodiya.

His words were:

“There’s something that’s been on my mind. It will get to a point where this will become almost pointless if we carry on with the same cycle of : approve, post stuff, ban idiots
It’s a big group and we should have sponsors on this platform already. We can charge to advertise businesses.

Two main spots, the header area which will be seen by so much more and also the pinned section. I suppose the tough bit is who keep the money. If this was mine, I’d monetise it and allow many local / small business owners gain exposure by selling them an ad spot.

If not then it will just be about recipes, allowing newbies in and banning idiots”
We had always disagreed on this as I was never keen on the advertising route and the correct option had never been offered to us. My control of the group was questioned by him, even though he knew what was spelt out in the group rules.

“There’s something that’s been on my mind.

See attached. https://www.facebook.com/notes/so-you-think-you-can-cook/sytycc-rules-do-not-edit/10152473018139411

Mr Awodiya became very disagreeable so the conversation was ended.

As all the admins had seen the train of the conversation, I ended it saying we would definitely move forward and make some changes. I was expecting a time when Mr Awodiya would apologise for his very rude words to myself and some of the Admin team and took the decision to let him remain as a member of the Admin team.

We then found ourselves locked out of the group.

The main issue was Mr Awodiya’s blatant challenge to my leadership and gross disrespect to his fellow Admin members and this was something that could not be tolerated.

Follow up:

On Saturday the 18th of July, around 6pm, Mr Awodiya deleted all 10 members of the Admin team and installed himself as sole admin, in order to take over the group.

We then found ourselves locked out of the group. During this period, all 10 Admins wherever in the world they were, were taking action on the side-lines to get the group back.

We united as a strong force, and in conjunction with the overwhelming support we received from members, were able to restore the group to its original administrators and continue with the ethos of the group on Sunday the 19th of July.

“we are united by our strong love for food and also the belief that we can fight collectively for what we believe.

We would, at this time, like to reiterate that we are not averse to members meeting.at their own discretion. SYTYCC is not accountable for any eventualities as a result of this.
We also have no issues with members joining other food groups, or being admins of said food groups.

Going forward, we have enhanced security measures and remain a strong and cohesive Admin team.

What we have realized is that we are united by our strong love for food and also the belief that we can fight collectively for what we believe. We are grateful for the overwhelming support we received and have just caught up with all the messages and voicemails that were sent during this period.

We would now like to move forward and leave all negativity and dwell on the positive elements only.

Kemi Adeniyi Kale
Oyinade Adefuye
Stella Leaburn
Dooneyrooney OO
Jọkẹ Ajibola
Maimuna Atiku Sambo
Phisayo Ade
Yemisi Sawyerr
Chidinma Okpara
Angela Ali


Since news broke of recent goings-on, So you think you can cook has seen an increase in popularity and has gone on to add more than 2,000 new members.

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