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Sell Your Site

Reach Thousands of Hungry, Qualified Buyers
Selling your site can be a bit nerve-wracking no matter how experienced you may be.

What if you’re wasting your time and the site doesn’t sell at all?

What documents do you need to prepare to interest buyers?

What if you’re leaving money on the table?


Even if you end up with an offer, there are more obstacles before the deal is closed.

Buyers must perform due diligence and you end up wasting time with tire-kickers. They act interested but were never really going to buy the site.

Don’t forget about the work that needs to be done after the sale is agreed upon.

You have to walk the buyer through taking over the domain, transfer hosting, make sure all the content is working, and switch all the monetization on the site.
We feel your pain—that was us four years ago
After creating & selling hundreds of sites, we began to feel the frustrations and inconveniences of the selling process. Dealing with non-serious “buyers” and the transfer process was a serious waste of our time and resources.

So we set out to create a marketplace that had less irritation and more profit for sellers.

Take the Friction Out of Selling Your Site

You make more money with us than if you sell the site on your own. We typically list a website by taking the average of the last three (3) months’ net profit and then multiplying that figure by a multiple ranging from 20-30+, depending on a number of factors.

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