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#1 customer engagement platform for an omnichannel world To help you sell smarter, serve better, and know EASY WITH tweeterest!

Again, people who rated higher on empathy showed greater vicarious embarrassment. They also showed higher levels of activation in a brain region called the anterior insula, which is the part of a brain involved in processing the unpleasant emotions associated with pain (as opposed to the location or type of pain)

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Start conversations with customers through a lifelike agent, who uses natural language. Seamlessly escalate to a real chat agent with context.

Super Chat
Engage customers with dynamic offers and real-time web assistance using video, text chat, click to call, and cobrowse. Conference in experts, transfer sessions, and whisper to enhance collaboration.


Serve knowledge everywhere! Simple yet powerful tool, based on patented reasoning technology. Tap diverse sources (social, community, partner, and enterprise).

Monitor social media streams, identify relevant posts, analyze sentiment, and respond efficiently. Proactively publish multimedia
content on

Receive, parse, route, and efficiently respond to high volume of customer emails, web forms, SMS, white letters, and faxes using an integrated

Set service levels and monitor customer satisfaction, incremental sales effectiveness, knowledge relevance, social trends, and agent performance with slice-and-dice analysis.

Over 20 customer engagement apps.
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March 01, 2018 tweeterest to exhibit AI for Contact Centers at Enterprise Connect 2018

February 27, 2018 tweeterest announces webcast that features analyst on AI-powered digital transformation
Smart Customer Service Virtual Assistants: What Consumers Want and How to Deliver
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