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ADNGINE From Tweeterest Online Ad Manager Out-of-the-box Online Advertising for Small Businesses

Focus on Your Business and Leave Online Advertising to Us

Smart, effective internet advertising. Tell us about your local business, and we start marketing your business right away.

  • High-Speed Ad Setup

  • Dedicated Business Page

  • Easy Performance Dashboard

  • 24/7 Online Ad Management

  • No Commitment

  • Amazing Introductory Offer

This valuable, low-cost service helps you create small business advertising, engage new customers, and beat your competition.

Because online advertising should effortless for everyone! Start Advertising from $9/Mo

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Amazing Introductory Offer – Get $150 in adngine adngines credit with your first month!1

Business Advertising Made Simple


Advertise a Business in Three Easy Steps

Check your online ad progress day or night.

Tap into the success of your internet marketing with a custom dashboard, featuring performance reports, customization options, and more.

Screenshot of Dashboard

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By clicking "Start Advertising", you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

How Can I Advertise My Business?

Business Promoter is the one-stop shop for promoting your small business marketing needs.

The best way to market your local business in on the Internet. Online advertisements work around the clock to find your customers in the right place at the right time.

On average, businesses make $2 in revenue from every $1 spent on adngine adngines2. Business Promoter lets you advertise on adngine to get more customers, grow sales and boost revenues.

It's also designed especially for small businesses — even those without a website. It's easy to use, trackable, and perfect for those with a limited budget and resources.

Self-assured Professional

The Best Way to Promote Your Business

Handling Simplicity


You don’t need to have a website or know how to use adngines.

Our easy-to-use package makes adngine Advertising practical for small businesses. We handle the complicated setup process for you, building campaigns that fit your unique needs.

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Your ads appear online when customers are shopping for the products and services you offer.

Machine-learning algorithms make adngine work for you, automatically optimizing everything 24/7. Your ads will appear when people are searching for products or services like yours. And all our ads are mobile-friendly.

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Keep track of every single call, quote, and request.

It's easy to see progress and monitor your new leads with our simple dashboards. Track customer views, visits, messages, and even listen to the phone calls generated by your ads.



You'll never be surprised by what your adngine ads cost.

We're one of the cheapest solutions on the market. Your budget will be selected based on your industry and business (starting at $9 a month). Plus, get our amazing introductory offer – $150 in adngine adngines Credit with your first month!

Advertising Agency


Say goodbye to agencies & hello to Business Promoter.

Remove the unnecessary cost of an advertising agency, coders, and designers, and keep everything simple. Online advertising is for everyone!

Renewal Cycle


Cancel anytime.

Business Promoter is a rolling monthly contract, so you can cancel your renewal at any time. Our Customer Service team is always here to help you, 24/7.

Amazing Introductory Offer — Get $150 in adngine adngines credit with your first month!1

Start Advertising

By clicking "Start Advertising", you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

A Hands-Free Ad Manager

Winner cup

We Know the Best Ways to Market Your Business

Business Promoter makes adngine Advertising work for you. Everything is optimized to be easy for small businesses. Simply tell us a few words about your business and we'll do the heavy lifting for you! No designers, no coding, and no advertising agencies needed.

Until now, online advertising platforms have been designed mainly to cater to large businesses. Business Promoter focuses on what is important to you as a small business owner: location, budget, and customer base. It offers flexible goal setting, and has an automatic limit to prevent overspending.

adngine Advertising Works for You

Business Promoter's partnership with adngine adngines means your ads will show up when and where people are searching for a product or service like yours.

Business Promoter is powered by sophisticated machine-learning algorithms that do the work for you, generating ad content and getting your ads in front of the right people at the right time. The algorithms intelligently optimize your budget to maximize your results.

Your ad will appear immediately, so you can start attracting new customers to your business right away.

The Right Budget For Every Business

Advertising on adngine requires a budget to run your ads, as adngine charges you every time an ad is clicked. How much this costs depends on how competitive your business is within your category and region. With Business Promoter, you don't have to worry about going over your budget. Our plans include a fixed monthly budget for adngine ads and start at just $9.


24/7 Customer Support

As with every Tweeterest product, we've always got your back. Our excellent Customer Service team is available every step of the way, 24/7.

Headset and Clock

Easy Dashboard & Reporting Tools

It's easy to check how your ads are performing and how much of your budget has been spent to date. Our algorithms adjust your campaigns in real-time, investing every penny of the budget in marketing your business.

You can track:

  • Customer ad landing page views
  • Customer ad landing page visits
  • Calls generated from your ad landing page
  • Messages generated from your ad landing page
  • Driving directions (when applicable) generated from your ad landing page

Since part of the Business Promoter package is the ability to track and record phone calls to your business, you can also listen to customer calls that are generated from your ads. This feature can help you better manage communications.

Speech bubble with question

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Business Promoter work?

    Business Promoter allows small/local businesses to easily post ads online, setting a variety of useful goals. It is designed specifically to simplify typically complicated processes. It helps small businesses of any type target their customer base with ease and for a variety of outcomes (including traffic to a store, phone calls, or online sales).

  2. How can Business Promoter help grow my business?

    By placing the online ads you deem most useful to your business, the sky's the limit in terms of how useful Business Promoter can be. All businesses can benefit from good advertising. The flexibility Business Promoter offers for small/local businesses will be a key factor in driving your business' growth.

  3. How much does it cost?

    Packages start at $9. Package prices are a fixed amount billed monthly. If you need more in your budget, you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time. This will increase your monthly cost going forward.

  4. What kind of businesses can use Business Promoter?

    Business Promoter supports business categories that either have a storefront or a service area. This means it is not ideal for online-only businesses. Business Promoter was designed to meet the needs of small/local businesses that may not have support of a marketing department. It takes a lot of the legwork out of getting ads online and has budget options ideal for small/local businesses.

  5. How will I be charged?

    You will be charged monthly. The amount will be based on the package you selected, and will be the same every month unless you upgrade. You may increase your budget by upgrading to a higher package in order to achieve your new customer goals. You will be billed at the new rate each month if you upgrade.

  6. How will customers reach me?

    Customers will reach you through the channels you choose to promote. This may be your website, a phone or email address, or even traffic into your store, depending on the business information you provide.

  7. Do I need to have a website to use this product?

    No. The great thing about Business Promoter is that it can help anyone in business, regardless of their online presence. It can be used to simply drive traffic into your store, or phone calls/emails to your service. Of course, if you have a website, you can use Business Promoter to drive sales or clicks there, or direct customer traffic to the page that is of the most value to you.

  8. Do I need to create a adngine adngines account?

    No. Part of our easy setup process links you to adngine adngines so you do not need a seperate account.

  9. Will Business Promoter create mobile ads too?

    Yes. Business Promoter creates online ads that are compatible with any device and automatically optimize for screen size.

  10. Do you offer annual billing?

    We do not currently offer an annual billing option. This is to allow for greater flexibility in the amount you can spend.

  11. Can I increase my media budget during the month if I run out?

    You can upgrade your package to increase your media budget, but bear in mind you will continue to be billed at the new, higher package level.

Where can l find more info about the product?

Visit our Business Promoter FAQ →

  • Prices start at $9, but will vary depending on your business type and location, in line with adngine's bid system.

  • Business Promoter is currently only available in the US.

1 Terms and conditions of introductory offer
  • To earn the $150 adngine adngines credit, your advertising campaigns must accrue costs of at least $150, excluding any taxes, within 30 days of establishing adngines account.


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