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What is ? What is PTC and How does it work ? is an innovative social media marketing tool available in a multi-language environment. Our service is based on allow advertisers to reach the potential customer by displaying advertiser Ads on our website, so that user can earn money by viewing them. After view and clicks the ads user gets credited with pre-determined money in Account.

Social Media Marketing is the best way to reach your potential customer, and build a business brand. If you’re are startup looking to promote your Brand then you need to use social media marketing tool. We offer our services to promote your brand not only on Facebook but we will promote Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

PTC websites are called as Paid to Click websites where you Earn some money whenever you watch ads do some task in the web browser. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers, the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he/she views the advertisement. There are many websites in the internet but are one of best PTC website to double your monthly income by work at home. Public Like are the best guaranteed payment PTC website in Nigeria .

These PTC (paid to click)jobs are easy to start does not require any special skills and any person with basic computer knowledge and it is best suitable for College Students, House wife’s and those who are interested in doing online part time jobs to make money online in Nigeria .

Make Money from online PTC Jobs in Nigeria

If you are looking for Free, Legit & Simple Part time Online PTC Jobs that can earn you few Dollars every month, is the best place to start Online PTC Jobs in Nigeria . There is no need for experience, qualification or any other technology to start in Many people searching for online Jobs in Nigeria , part-time or full-time at home based jobs. The easiest way to become financially Independent to become an online Freelancer. Students and professionals are looking to work when at the free time.

So has offer to double your income through online jobs. Many people are Making money online through of just click and views video Ads. You can earn $180 to $375 by spending 15-30 minutes daily on PTC (paid to click) campaigns.

Our Features
Facebook Likes

Earn 0.1$ per like


Earn 0.1$ per click

Daily Jackpot

Win upto 1000$ per day

Weekly Jackpot

Win upto 50000$ week

Paid Surveys

Paid Youtube Ads

Earn 0.1$ per Video

Paid Netflix Ads

Earn 0.1$ per video

Refferal Earnings

Earn 0.04$ per click made by refferal

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