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Abi John

Senior Web Analyst


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E Johnson

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Head Europe Operations


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Inspired by the ethos that marketing can change the world, Tweeterest Digital Magazine seeks to explore the marketing and media industries from a perspective yet to be represented in this business. There are masses of insights to be derived from the many remarkable marketing stories not yet being told, and coupled with a new visually stunning design, Tweeterest Digital magazine will be telling them.

If you are seeking fame and fortune for your agency then Tweeterest Digital Network offers a great value way for you to build your profile and get seen by all the right people in the industry. Also, our tailored programme of live and online events enables ambitious agency owners, directors and senior executives to build their business knowledge by learning from agency experts who have been there and done it. Surely, 140 agency members can’t be wrong.

Build Your Fame & Make Your Fortune in 2017

As an ambitious agency owner you know how vital it is that your agency has a high profile and your agency brand is seen in all the right places. A high profile helps to support your new business activity and, in the long term, can add substantial value to your business.


Tweeterest Digital Network offers ambitious agencies a direct line into Tweeterest Digital’s market-leading website so that you can position your agency as an expert in its field and help you to build your agency’s profile in front of up to one million marketers per month.

Once on board as a member, Tweeterest Digital Network’s team of dedicated journalists will work closely with you to ensure that your agency’s new business wins, staff appointments, new campaign work and other relevant news is professionally presented on Tweeterest Digital’s website – Africa’s most read online marketing publication syndication.

Our E-journalists can also work with you to create insight and thought leadership articles, vox pops, Q&As, blogs and more - all aimed at getting your agency seen by the right people. As a member, you will also get your own Profile Hub on Tweeterest Digital, so your agency has a 24-7 presence on Africa's biggest Digital websites every day of the year.


To increase your agency’s profits you also need great people who know great things. FREE access to our new monthly Business Web Jam sessions and webinars will enable your senior people to learn new skills and expand their business knowledge by learning from some of the best brains in our industry today.

Our Agency Leadership newsletter also keeps members right up to date with the most relevant agency business insights to help them run the most efficient and effective agency possible. Membership also includes access to our archive of industry reports, webinars and whitepapers and a range of discounts to help you save money on any marketing activity with Tweeterest Digital.

For You?

If you take your agency’s growth seriously then investment in Tweeterest Digital Network is your next move. To find out about the benefits that a membership includes please email

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