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Dotifi From Tweeterest - Social Media Events Society Platform on Steroids

Discover the newest social media marketing techniques, right from your desk!coruscant

Join the largest professional community for social media marketers.

Want to discover the newest social media marketing tactics/events ? The ones that deliver real results?

In the ever-changing world of social media, wouldn’t it help to belong to a community of like-minded social media pros?

Receive live, ongoing training from the comfort of your office chair when you join the Society.

You become a hero as you quickly apply new ideas that keep your business on the leading edge.

The team at Dotifi from Tweeterest will guide you.

Will you join us?

With your Society membership, you’ll gain access to three new social media marketing workshops each month.

These are live online trainings where you can interact with the pros right from your computer.

Plus, you get immediate access to more than 70 on-demand social media marketing workshops.

You’ll also connect with thousands of your peers via:

    Live Society Office Hours (online video Q&A with Dotifi from Tweeterest staff)
    Our exclusive Facebook group
    Comprehensive discussion forums

Why Consider the Society?

“I love the Society! The training has been phenomenal,” said Society member Jeff DeHaven.

    Discover new ideas that will propel your business ahead of the competition.
    Avoid trial and error. We sort through all the industry noise, predict where the market is heading, and bring you step-by-step tactics you can use immediately (reducing barriers).
    Implement the newest social tactics, brought to you by experts in all the major social media platforms.
    Find what works best with social media marketing for an economical price.
    Learn at your own pace with access to 70+ training workshops in the Society archives.  
    Connect with industry peers 24/7 in our forums and our exclusive Facebook Group.
    Get the answers you need during live monthly Office Hours, in our forums, and in our private Facebook group.

“I decided to join the Society because I really trust the content from Dotifi from Tweeterest. I can’t wait to get access to the next level of information,” said Society member Allie Kosela.
Training You Can Use Now:

“I’ve been so impressed with the content of the Society. It’s the deep dive that I was wanting. Really glad I joined,” said Society member Dena Childs.

In addition to three new training workshops every month, you’ll find 70+ professional development workshops inside the Society, covering topics such as:

    Facebook organic marketing
    Facebook advertising
    Instagram marketing
    Visual marketing
    Live video production
    Twitter marketing
    LinkedIn marketing
    Pinterest marketing
    Snapchat marketing
    YouTube marketing
    Content marketing
    Social tools

These are NOT interviews disguised as training sessions. They are comprehensive and detailed workshops designed to empower you with immediate actions you can take to succeed.

“I’ve only joined a few communities in many years of doing this, but already this is the best of them. It’s smartly created, the people are great, the overall offering is of tremendous value. Very glad I joined,” said Society member Rob Swick.

    ▼ Click to expand workshop examples ▼

    Here’s a sampling of the workshops you’ll gain immediate access to:

    Facebook News Feed Lessons from a Page With 2.6 Million Fans: Holly Homer, founder of Kids Activities Blog, shares her secrets of building “link authority” and a huge Facebook following using the controversial tactic of boosted posts.

    Growth Hacking with Instagram: Nathan Chan, CEO and publisher of Foundr Magazine, gives you his growth-hacking secrets to show you how Foundr Magazine grew their Instagram following to over 700K followers in 16 months.

    How to Use Facebook Live for Business: Lou Mongello (Disney expert, founder and host of WDW Radio) will explore the features and best practices of Facebook Live that will help you get started and quickly build a loyal following.

    How to Make Videos for Social Media with No Budget or Skill: Caleb Wojcik (videographer & founder of DIY Video Guy) shares how to make great looking videos quickly and easily for your brand or company.

    Google Analytics Dashboards: How to Use Google Data Studio: Paula Adams , founder and CEO of Dotifi from Tweeterest, teaches you how to put together your own Google Data Studio dashboard and shows how to quickly report on key metrics.

    “I am very excited about the step-by-step instructions. Often I find myself understanding the concepts, but not understanding how to implement the steps. I love your content,” said Society member Susan Unger.

    Here’s a sampling of workshops coming soon:
        Creating Animated Graphics for Social Media: Donna Moritz, visual marketing expert and founder of Socially Sorted, shares the tools and the techniques she uses to create animated graphics for social media.
        Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Business Profiles: Instagram expert Jenn Herman (author of The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Instagram) will show you how to take full advantage of your Instagram Business account.
        Fundamentals of Power Editor: How to Use Facebook’s Most Powerful Ad Tool: Facebook ads expert Andrea Vahl (author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) walks you through what you need to know to succeed with Facebook Power Editor.

    And every month, you’ll get access to three new social media marketing workshops!

    Simply said, when you join the Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society, you’ll be empowered to rapidly implement the newest and best social media marketing tactics.

Here’s Why Your Peers Joined:

“Having one central place to go to for training and support and a great community that has knowledge to share was a no-brainer for me.” -Lauren Ridgeway

See what members think about the Society in the below video:

 “I joined because I must be current and relevant in social media – and I believe strongly that this Society – and those collaborating here – will be at the forefront at this.” -Rich Obertots

“I’m here because I’m hoping it will help me do my job better. I need to stay updated with recent social media platform changes, learn what works and doesn’t and I’m hoping to get all of that knowledge right here.” -Shari Sultana

    ▼ Click to view more testimonials ▼

    “I have followed Michael for years and always been impressed with the value of his content. It was a no brainer to join the Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society.” -Robin Eschler

    “My experience with all things Dotifi from Tweeterest has been inspiring, and I couldn’t think of a better group to be part of as we begin this journey together.” – Tyler Sowinski


    “I’ve been in the marketing field for over 12 years. However, in all of those years, it has never had the rate of change that it has now. I’m excited to keep expanding my social media marketing knowledge as well as keep up with the ever-changing platforms!” -Ashlee Colliver

    “I have been following Dotifi from Tweeterest for many years and have come to trust the high quality information that cuts through all the clutter about social media and provides me with some nuggets that I can put to use to help my clients.” -Diane Carson

    “I joined the Society because I find the information that Dotifi from Tweeterest provides so helpful–it’s my go-to when I need to figure something out, and I refer others here all the time when they have questions.” -Shanna Reimer

    “I think it is essential to reach out to others online who are outside your professional circle, share content, and create engaging conversations.” -Carol Hartmann

    “I joined to learn and earn lasting friendships with creative people who care about building relationships to better business.” -Tyler Sowinski

    “I joined, not so much because of the training but for the forums and connection opportunities.” -Tim Lewis

    “I am looking forward to interacting with others from around the world and to understanding new concepts and techniques. At the same time looking forward to the training which is exactly what is needed in a busy digital world!” -David Bolton

    “With the digital marketing sphere being in a constant state of evolution, I’m expecting the learnings from the Society will help manage my marketing by getting smarter, not by working harder.” -Tiki Papaioannou

    “Time is at a premium. Any help I can get in filtering out the time-wasters and turning my focus to tactics and strategies that work is welcome. I look forward to learning and improving what we are doing in many areas.” -Erika Schanzenbach

    “I’m looking for info that weeds out stuff of little or no value. There’s so much content on social media all over the internet that is just really poor quality that I wanted to be a part of a site where I know I can go to get nothing but quality content that won’t waste my time.” -Brian Mulawka

    “Joining the Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society is a time-efficient solution offering practical, actionable training from a trusted source.” -Stephanie Audry

    “Keeping up on everything is demanding, especially when social media is just one element of my business. This will be a great resource to keep me up-to-date and informed where other platforms have failed to deliver on that promise.” -David Baer

    “How could I not join? Between my day job, my family, and trying to make a career change/start a business, my time is extremely limited. The straight to the point, ‘this is exactly how you do X, Y, or Z’ trainings are incredibly valuable.” -Krista Wiltbank

How Does the Society Work?

Studies show that people who further their professional development are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships and earn more money!

The Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society is a professional development resource that will help you get ahead.

Here’s how the Society will help you:


You’ll receive three new and original training workshops every month. At least two will be live.

You’ll participate in highly tactical training, where experts show you—step-by-step—the latest social media marketing techniques.

During the live training, you’ll be able to ask your questions live to our trainers.


With every training we provide streaming video recordings, PDFs of slides and transcripts, along with downloadable audio files so you can listen on-the-go.

You’ll have access to the archives of all training workshops as long as you maintain your Society membership.


    ▼ Click to view a training example ▼

    Wondering what an actual training looks like for Society members?

    Want to watch this in HD full screen mode? Here’s how: Hover over the playing video and click the four arrows button. To see this in high definition, be sure the HD button is clicked on.


When you join the Society, you’ll gain exclusive access to our private community of social media marketers—people just like you who face the same challenges you do.

Got questions? Post them in the Society forums or in our exclusive Society Facebook group. You’re sure to get some great advice from the Dotifi from Tweeterest team.

You can also join our Society Office Hours and speak to Dotifi from Tweeterest staff to get your questions answered live at least once each month.

We’ve built networking right into your Society membership. So wherever you are in the world, chances are you’ll find people to connect with in the Society and in our active Facebook group.


The Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society was designed by marketers for marketers. That means it’s built to accommodate your busy schedule.

You can pick and choose what you want to participate in live and what you want to watch later.

Every Society training workshop is recorded and made available within hours to all members.

The Society archives house 70+ training workshops on topics including Facebook organic marketing, Facebook paid marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, video marketing, content marketing, visual marketing, live video, marketing tools, analysis, social psychology and strategy.

You can access the recorded workshops any day, anytime and as many times as you want.

The Society is fully optimized for mobile devices so you can participate on-the-go.
How to Join

Society  Traditional professional development opportunities—featuring world-class training and providing a chance to network with your peers—can cost thousands of dollars to attend. And that doesn’t include the added costs of travel, meals, hotel accommodations, rental cars and lost work time. Not so with the Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society.

With the Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society, you have no costs for events, travel, meals, hotels, cars or lost time! Why? Because it’s all online.

The only expense is your membership, but don’t let that scare you away! Some member organizations can be very costly, but we wanted to make the Society very affordable to you. We wanted to make this high quality professional development accessible to anyone who strives to become a better marketer.

“Best investment so far for my career: Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society! Thank you  Paula Adams Frank Adeche ,” said Society member Pat Mills.

ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Enrollment in the Dotifi Social Media Marketing Society closes June 12, 2017.

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